My previous nemesis left me in the lurch. They turned out to be no match for my powers of sleuth.

They handed over a letter of resignation last night, and today I watched as the removal vans came and picked up the equipment from their lab.

There was no revelation that they were my brother, my father, my sister or me from an alternate universe (or just me in a Fight Club style twist)… there was no duel to the death, no falling from waterfalls entwined in each other’s destiny.

If they were supposed to be an equal but opposite me, a worthy opponent, then I’m left wondering if I too am so feeble. You see, my ego is wrapped up in the idea that my nemesis reflects my ability…

And so a position has become available… do you think you can fill it? You don’t have to be evil, indeed, I’m thinking of giving that side a whirl for now. I have the right credentials and a laboratory that can only be described as ‘dubious’.

You should also understand that I consider this a life-long post, that is one that you may die by holding (mwah, mwah, mwah… sorry… no resignation letters, no crying about ‘the pressure of it all’ like the last one.

Leave your name, and your intentions for saving/dominating the world below.