An uncomfortable silence

Just to clarify, I’m still ‘going deaf’, as opposed to ‘being deaf’. That leaves me with a conundrum – I love listening to music, whether I’m at home sat by my computer or going to see bands play live – but could this be what is causing my hearing loss?

So, I could stop listening to music but still be able to hear it, or I could try and cram in as much as possible before I lose it all together.

I suppose what I’m asking is, ‘If you knew that you were losing your ability to hear music, would you be able to stop listening to it or would you carry on – in which case what would be the last thing you would listen too?’

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19 thoughts on “An uncomfortable silence

  1. I think if I knew I was losing my hearing (or, for that matter, my sight) I would take as much time as I could to try to prepare (learn lip reading and/or ASL while I could still cheat by hearing the cues, for instance).

    Would I keep listening to music? At as low a volume as I could whilst still being able to hear it, yes. I love it too much to give it up.

  2. That’s a big question. It’s scary to even think about.

    If I were about to lose my hearing, the last song I’d listen to would probably be “Song For a Girl Who Has One” by Too Much Joy, just because it’s catchy and I could count on it to stick in my head for a while. If I had known beforehand that I was losing my gall bladder, I would have had bacon-wrapped breaded chicken one last time… every day for a month.

    BTW, I pitched your book on Wednesday’s page.

  3. Joe – You’re in line for some sort of prize for being a frequent first-commenter, and thanks :)

    Sir Jorge – Thank you too… I was checking out your blog earlier and loved your idea for The Mexican Mountain Dew Monster. We don’t really get MD in the UK but the colour and caffeine levels are legendary.

    Mike – Ta. And thanks for bringing the Nakagin Capsule Tower to my attention… how cool is that? Such a shame they’re taking it down.

    Golfwidow – I doubt I’ll be able to give up music either, unless I’m forced into it. It might suck going deaf, but going blind would really scare me… No more comics, not being able to see my loved ones or television. Fortunately, my sister can sign and I’ll be getting her to help me out, not only in case I go completely deaf, but just because recently I’ve realised how important it is to be able to communicate with people of different abilities. In the mean time though I will be carrying around a pad a pen (as always) so people can write things down if I’m in a busy place.

    Joseph – I suppose I need to find my audio equivelent of bacon-wrapped breaded chicken (that does sound good btw. If I ever make one, I’ll name it the ‘Hewitt’). Thanks for the plug too! No matter how much I enjoy webcomicing, my heart will alway be in print.

  4. Are you retarded? Just don’t listen to it blaring loudly. If it’s not causing the hearing loss, you lose nothing, if it is causing it, problem solved.

  5. OK, ‘Colin’,

    First thing: I don’t appreciate you calling me retarded. In fact, I don’t appreciate you calling anyone retarded.

    Second thing: You misunderstand the problem. I can only listen to music ‘blaringly loud’, because if it is at normal volume I can’t hear it. That’s the thing with being deaf.

    But thanks for your advice.

  6. it shoulda been a clear indication that the guy was gonna be an asshole when he CHOSE to make his handle ‘Colin Powell’

    anyway i feel for you adam.

  7. Fair point, but I like to give people the benefit of the doubt… He could just be unfortunate enough to have the name ‘Colin Powel’.

    Still, it is a typical view I’ve encountered recently: Deafness = stupidity

    And thanks, the support has far outweighed the assholes.

  8. I don’t think anyone means for you to appreciate being called retarded.

    Also, if you can manage to play good music at a reasonable volume, you hate your music, and cannot comprehend obsession with music. Music is made to be loud, be mozart or metallica, indie or rap.

    I plan to die nearly-deaf at a live show, listening to a band that isn’t too horrible at all, and have a giant something fall on me before my hearing is overcome to the absent ringing of my mind getting lost.

  9. There is a movie called “its all gone Pete Townsend” or something along those lines. It is about a very popular DJ in Ibiza going deaf and how he deals with it (massive amounts of cocaine).
    I was watching a doco on the Nazi regime and how they dealt with the deaf societies.
    It was amusing to watch a deaf person sign how they listened to a nazi rally on something. More ironing.
    When I was 15, I was diagnosed with an eye disease that would leave me progressively more blind as I aged, by 17 I was legally considered blind with aids. Due to technology, I’m now not blind or going blind. I think maybe soon hearing technology will catch up and soon maybe deafness will be reversible, say YAY for stem cell research!

  10. Listen to as much music as possible before going deaf. Life without music is deafening in itself. At least you will have some songs memorised and be able to sing them to yourself in your head. And on the topic of Stem Cell research, I support it, why have someone else’s lungs when you can grow new ones.

  11. I know this is so a good year later but how about a recipe? It isn’t breaded but it is stuffed with Boursin (herbing goat cheese is a tasty alternative).

    You can also partially shuck corn, leaving the husks away from the cob but attached at the bottom (remove silk), wrap it in bacon (not the maple kind), cover again with the husks, wrap in aluminum foil, and toss in the oven. Barely needs any butter.

    Southern cooking is so tasty and deadly.

  12. “Southern cooking is so tasty and deadly.”

    That’s the best kind of cooking. Hey, the South introduced me to gumbo, and supports my love of fried chicken too.

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