Monkey business

Primates, eh? It wouldn’t be a webcomic without one.

Aside from my own personal, basement-based experiments to bring back dead bards, it’s not surprising to find that a fair number of scientific experiments involve them.

After all, it’s not ethical to use humans a lot of the time and well, that’s what you get for being our closest relatives… blasted into space with no hope of making a safe landing or forced into a form of slavery for us humans.

Still, there are times when us humans are used – possibly because of a lack of other primates.

Turns out we don’t like be the subject of our own experiments… find me a primate that does.

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8 thoughts on “Monkey business

  1. If there were an infinite number of key boards do you think the apes would eventually get fed up with the jams and ink ribbons and eventually create computers? If so what kind? Mac or PC?

  2. Monkeys make me nervous. Everyone else
    likes monkeys, right? I wouldn’t have one,
    they are too much like people who drive. I
    keep my distance and a wary eye on them.

  3. Mac! Ease of use, you know, since these are monkeys. But they’d probably install Linux, so they could use the cool open-source type-setting software LaTeX.

  4. Hey, that list of monkeys in science is from Mental Floss! I have a subscription to that magazine… it’s pretty funny, but they send me weird junk mail some times.

  5. I thought the popularity of theinternet proved this theory wrong in the mid 90′s? If you put an infinite number of monkeys in front of an infinite number of keyboards eventually they will produce a fat kid dancing with a lightsaber is perhaps a more correct theory.

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