The Flowfield Unity is created by Adam York Gregory

You can contact him at adamyorkgregory [@] gmail.com (remember to remove the spaces and square brackets and whatever you do don’t title your email ‘free meds’)

I suppose I should write something a bit more interesting here… here are some random facts:

I like to tell people that I stopped playing with science and experimenting with games to make this comic.

I was born at the very early end of the 80s, and the sight of Margaret Thatcher makes me feel a little funny inside.

When I worked as a typesetter, my favourite typo was ‘plastic sturgery’… I based a comic on this.

Despite having no tattoos, 20% of my body is covered in ink at any one time.

The comic, by the way, is all hand-drawn.

You won’t find any pictures of my beaming face anywhere on this, or any other site.

I respond to all emails, even the spam.

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